4 Things To Look For in A Social Media Agency

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Social media isn't ideal for everyone, but it seems that everyone wants to offer it. The truth is there is much more to social media than many understand. Most of the time VAs (Virtual Assistants) offer social media. It can be helpful for those who are in the smaller end of the business. But for a much larger business that actually wants results I would make sure to reach out to an agency or a specialist in social media. 

Let's talk about social media and what you need to look for when you hire.

  1. Engagement -  If you are not getting engagement, then it is time to look into other options. Likes don't always mean engagement either. You really want people commenting and clicking through your calls to action. You need to make sure that people aren't just posting to post without any real reason behind it. Social media is a true science. Make sure that the agency you are hiring practices what they preach! 
  2. Customer service - You need to hire an agency and know that someone will answer and be there for you when you need someone. Lots of times people hire and feel like they don't even know what the agency is doing, etc. You should also have follow-up phone calls or bi-weekly to ensure that you are understanding and seeing the growth.
  3. Analytical - You do not want likes. You want your messages to be effective and get the person to convert to a sale. Likes, and reach, might not always get that result. Thus, the importance to note that engagement (comments) are more meaningful than likes and can reach a wider audience. Comments are those where they tag others, or are not spammy. 
  4. Creativity - This one is the most important! You want to have creative aspects to your social media. Custom graphics and custom content will lead to a wider reach as well as being able to create the brand awareness that you need. Add personality and humor to it and you will get much better results. 

Most of these VAs schedule and create the graphics, but they don't know the science behind the social media game. They just schedule not knowing the end result, goals, and interaction. Social media is a science and is required for professionals to keep up with. 

I know you are thinking, "they can find out these things and implement them". However, as an agency, we are certified and always learning more about the algorithms involved. Plus, we attend conferences and webinars where we share that experience with our current customers.

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Auto Schedule to Instagram

Do you hate having to be on instagram, coming up with content, and then publishing it?  I know I do especially when it is on my phone and seems like I am on there wasting time just to write the perfect caption and hash tags. The good news is that now many third party social media platforms allow you to schedule, post, and share right from your desktop.  Tailwind is my favorite! There is NO need to push notifications from your account out to your instagram account. This is a BRAND NEW FEATURE and is a lifesaver!

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This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.