What is a Branding Audit, and Do You Need One?

Sometimes brands get outdated or expand and will need a rebrand, or just an audit. This happens more often than not. Why? Because as businesses grow their brand and their audience might change. 

When you start to wonder if you need to clarification for your brand it is a good time to consider a branding audit before you get a re-brand.  Don't be nervous or scared at all, this means that your business is growing!  There are two options for you to think about.. 

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  1. Brand audit (this will be a break down of what is working, what isn't, a look into your audience, colors, fonts, graphics, and cohesiveness of your brand.) This is NOT a logo rebrand or development. It is more of a consultation on how to get your brand where you need to be. We talk a lot about where you want to go and how to get there with your branding and marketing. 
  2. Get a rebrand. Large companies are always getting a re-brand. Think about how you get your house a repair or make over, your brand needs just that! You might need to just change the colors or the fonts slightly, or you might need a complete uhual; whatever it is, this is considered a re-brand. Sometimes it can be something more simple along the lines of just fine tuning some things, other times it can be more along the lines of needing a complete new look. 

Always make sure that you have a branding style guide and mood board with whatever route or company you go with. This will help your brand to look more professional and cohesive. If you are ready to get started, just click on the contact us below. 

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