Digital Design

Think about the ‘creative’ virtual assistants: coming up with the content, campaigns, marketing, and designs for your business. Focusing on the back end of things need to be tackled so you can worry about your business. Bring your marketing to a whole new level. 

With all packages you get a free 30 minute consultation weekly where we offer areas of improvements from your website to your social media. You talk about goals and upcoming weeks so that way we can be on the same page. Social media management and marketing is huge now a days and anyone just can’t do it! It takes a professional who takes pride in every single step of the process; when you grow we grow. The best part is when we see that published blog, website, or social media that has been behind the scenes for weeks!

Every little detail matters; posts should not be identical on all the platforms. Updating your social media graphics monthly to match your campaigns/holidays, etc is essential and professional.  ‘Pinning’ your post to the top of Facebook will offer more traffic! Boosting off posts correctly can help engagement! Monitoring and tracking your analytics for social media, email campaigns, websites is essential to know what is working and isn’t: keywords are being plugged in, how many opened it, etc. There is SO much more to this and can’t be justified quickly. 


  •  In the last 3 years, email rates on mobile devices have increased by 180%, pushing companies to focus more on creating mobile-friendly email campaigns and newsletters.
  • 59 percent of Americans who have a social media account agree that customer service via social media has made it easier to get questions and concerns resolved. 


  • Social Media Audits 
  • Graphics, or Photography, for Social Media 
  • Content Created and Scheduled (topics, consistency, and giveaways)
  • Analytics (boost posts hash tags, and tagging) 
  • Finding your audience 

*Pricing varies; custom packaging starting at $1,200/month. 

Written Content 

We have written content for various platforms (website content, blog, email campaigns, etc) Check out some direct links: