Do you have a logo already in place that you love?

Do you have your brand in place but just need that extra boost? Do you need someone to step in and really monitor your brand to make sure that it reaches the right brand?  Do you need someone to help make sure your brand is cohesive? 

With over eight years of experience of graphic design I will make sure that YOUR brand is on point! I will make sure that it has all the essentials covered. I will make sure that we find the right cohesive flow to your brand without changing your logo or established boundaries. For just $60 you can get the following: 

What you get: 

  1. 90 minute coaching session
  2. 1 Page Action Plan
  3. Branding Defined (10 pages of CUSTOM corporate guidelines) based on goals and audience.
    *DOES not include logo, or any design work. 
  4. 5 pages Branding Workbook 
  5. Branding & Mood Board Templates 

Do you want someone to monitor your brand monthly? Are you doing collabs, giveaways, or making sure that your brand fits on media (printed ads, etc), we can take care of all that for just $60/month! 

NOTE: This does not include ANY design work (logo, branding, etc). This is strictly a consultation.