Are you in a rut for your social media?

Are you posting enough content but not getting the right results? Maybe it is because the brand isn’t cohesive. Maybe it is because you aren’t reaching your audience properly. Maybe you are being cohesive but aren't be strategic about your posts. Good news for you.. We are now offering Social Media Audits for just $150.00. I will come in and look at your social media account of choice (see below) and will do a careful overview of your account. I will tell you areas of improvement, areas where you are lacking, and areas where you are doing wonderful. If you want additional platforms, it is an additional $50 per platform. 

What is included?

  1. Checklist and Workbook
  2. 1 week of unlimited access to ME! you can call me all week all day everyday if you want!! 
  3. 60 minute initial coaching session. This is where I will talk about your action plan. This will be on ways to improve, content help, graphics help, etc, but will not include content, graphics, or scheduling. 
  4. Creating a content schedule recommendation 
  5. Feedback on Graphics 

All for $150.00! 

*These can be done for any of the following platforms from us: Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Please pick one. NOTE: This doesn't include boosting or doing ads on any platform. This does not include any graphic design creation. 

need more? 

  • Get your brands consistent on all platforms 
  • Organize your instagram feed 
  • Organize your pinterest boards
  • Add keywords to Pinterest Accounts
  • Find hash tags for your instagram tags

All of this starts at $300/mo Contact us today for more info

Do you need some graphics done too? Check out some that we have created. We can set up a monthly fee for your social graphics starting at just $500 a month for graphics!! 

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Lauren Cecora- Helping Women Regain Their Sanity
"I reached out to Susie for help with my pinterest account that I was just starting to launch for business purposes. I had attempted almost everything "Free" that I could find out there on the internet prior to reaching out, but my pins were not getting picked up and my analytics were suffering. I was stuck and didn't know where to go. Susie gave me some great feedback, helping me tighten up my brand, but more than that- the tools she gave me were the best gift ever. She introduced me to some great applications and resources that really started making an impact on my reach with Pinterest. In just a few weeks I went from no visibility, repins, or engagement-  to a pin that had over 500 pins in a single week. Susie definitely knows her stuff! Anyone can benefit from her expertise and knowledge base!"

Meg F - MilKids Ed

"Susie Liberatore helped me to identify ways to level-up my social media marketing strategy. She honestly communicated areas on social media and my website that could be improved. Susie provided an accessible and understandable plan of action to guide me toward making improvements. After working with Susie, I feel more confident in my social media strategy. I’m already seeing improvements in engagement and traffic."