Top Five Keys to Your Successful Logo

There is more to a logo than just a graphic. A lot of time goes into the creation, but there is also a lot of knowledge behind it all. There is a reason why logos cost a great deal of money. I don’t always like to hear the word logo; I tend to tell people the logo is your brand.

Think about all the logos that you see on a daily basis.

benefits of logo.jpg

The best logos have several elements in common. Here are five keys to a successful logo:

1. Simplicity.

Let's talk about the good old Apple logo, it was rainbow-colored, while the current one’s rendering is in solid black or grayscale. This simplicity makes the logo easy to look at, which customers appreciate. When it is uncomplicated people can look at it and enjoy; They can recognize the logo right away.

2. Brand consistency.

Your logo communicates messages to consumers about your brand. This part is the most important to ensure that the design fits your message. Whenever we see the logo, we know what the brand is; it creates brand awareness.

3. Memorability.

This piece is how people remember your brand and logo. They can quickly identify it from miles away. They understand your brand. Think of a time when you were traveling, and you needed to stop for food. You see the big McDonald’s sign; you recognize it. Your logo should help the audience remember that you exist and what you stand for/offer.

4. Remark-ability.

This key is what makes you unique; what stands out from your competitors and makes you, you. This element is what makes you different than your competitors in a sea full of similar brands.

I get that you want to be frugal about your spending, but this isn't the time to do so. If you want your audience to take you professionally and invest in you, then you need to invest in yourself. Find a designer that you believe in, that fits your personality and gets you, and invest in them.

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