Top 5 Reasons Why Being Cheap Isn't Always Good

It seems that everyone wants to get a deal or be cheap. I mean, I get it. I try to find the best deals most of the time. But, you know what? Low prices don't always mean good quality.  

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I think about the places that I shop at - you know Apple, Coach, Under Armour, and many more. You can't always shop frugally at these places and most times sales only occur on a holiday of some sort but, even still, it isn't always a good deal. Cheap won’t work for your brand when trying to increase and scale your business.

Here are the 5 main reasons why being cheap isn't always ideal for branding and marketing:

  1. Professionalism - Do you expect people to ask you for a discount? No. So why try to get one from someone else who is in the business field? Being professional, we can't expect something that we don’t offer when customers come to us. Don't get me wrong; once you establish a customer or a recurring client, feel free to throw in some extras as appreciation.
  2. Experience - When you invest in someone for a larger amount, you are commissioning their experience. You want someone who is well certified, insured, and experienced so that you are covered and getting the most bang for your buck. When I think about these brands listed above, I don’t mind paying the extra money because people notice it. "I love that Coach bag." They don't even have to ask me where I got it because they recognize the brand.
  3. Team - Investing in larger prices means investing in a team. A team is always better than one person. What happens when that person is sick or has an emergency? With a team, other people coordinate to take care of YOU while taking care of personal needs. Having a team also allows for a creative place where they can collaborate and give the best possible results.
  4. Research - We do the research for you! YES that is right... When you hire larger companies, they are already aware of the following move and the next play. Again, here I think of Apple and how they always anticipate new features with the mobile devices. They constantly improve them because of the research completed and Apple knows what their customers want. Why wouldn't you want to pay more and do less?
  5. Bang for Your Buck - Paying for products services on the smaller end will not only nickel and dime you, but the quality will suffer also. When someone has more experience, they provide better quality and package the pricing. Who really likes getting an invoice with 20 different line items? That would be confusing and prevent you from being sure of what you purchased. We make the process easy for you.

You already know that most of the time you get what you pay for but make sure when you invest, especially in your business, that you get the best for that price. Shop around and compare, but use all of these items as a checklist to help you decide.

Here at visions2images, we take all of these elements seriously. This explains why people entrust in us. We are a well experienced team with a willingness to always take care of our clients (we even send freebies your way!)