Dental Marketing - Converting Calls to Customers

Dental marketing can be a burden. You might be getting new customers, but are they returning for service? This is one of those instances where a customer can come visit one time and not come back. So the question remains, how do you maintain a recurring customer?

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  1. Personality: The number one aspect is making sure that the customer feels taken care of at your facility. You and your staff need to be polite, fun, and energetic. There is nothing worse than having someone work on your teeth when they are miserable or rude. People will come back if they believe enough in the company.
  2. Social Media: I don’t know about you but before I invest in anyone, I always check out their social media. I ensure that they are active and keeping up with posting regularly. I like to see that they are in business, happy, and keep me informed. I love being able to have an 'aha' moment whenever they share their knowledge with me.
  3. Website: I like to go on websites and confirm that the business is covering all my questions. Always having a FAQ page proves the best since we like to establish that we have all our questions answered. Also, creating a mobile friendly website is a MUST. I am always on my phone so I have to make sure that the website is accessible and legible.
  4. Reviews: This can be on social media, Yelp, or Google. Wherever reviews exist, I like to learn that they have happy customers. If there are bad reviews, did they respond or try to make it better? It’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy, but looking at a reply to a bad review makes all the difference.
  5. Fun Gifts: Whenever I go to the dentist, I always get a toothbrush or floss, etc. It would be awesome if we could get some practical gifts, right? An item that can be usable and fun... I mean, brushing teeth is fun and all but how about some hand sanitizer, bandaids, lip balm, or even lotion. How great (and practical) are those pieces?

I get it, you might not have time or want to do all of these yourself. That demonstrates why hiring an agency is critical - they take care of all aspects for YOU!

You might be getting calls, but are they converting to long-term customers? A lot goes into dental marketing and I am here to tell you first hand about a few steps that will help your dental marketing practice.