Publish to Facebook Pages with Tailwind

Sixty-two percent of marketers say Facebook is their most important social platform. If you’re in that number, but if you find it a challenge to share great content to your Facebook page consistently, we have yet ANOTHER reason for you to come to

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You can now publish to Facebook Pages with Tailwind! That is such great news! Our members have been posting to Facebook profiles with our Pinterest integration for a while, but now we integrate directly with Facebook which means that you can post to Facebook Pages too! And you’re not just sharing a link to a Pin. Tailwind scans your post and pulls out the best Facebook image for you. Just select the orange flag icon box, enter a Facebook-perfect caption and schedule. Your post will go to Pinterest and Facebook at the same time - with each optimized for its respective platform!
All you have to do is sync your Facebook Page to get started. Another product improvement with Tailwind is they have also added powerful Tailwind Tribes Insights to help you analyze and prioritize your Tribes activity. 

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If you’ve ever wished you could more easily see how your Tailwind Tribes are performing at a glance, you’re in luck! Now you can discover the top content in each Tribe, which Tribemates interact with your content the most, and even see which Tribes have the most engaging content!

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