Top 5 Back to School Promotional Items

Can you believe that summer is over and school is starting up again soon?

Whether it be college or pre-school, all educational institutions can benefit from school promotional products. Using promotional items for schools is the best way to create school spirit and facilitate repeat brand exposure for dozens of students and more!

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You can use promotional items for fundraisers or just as a way to build school loyalty; there are endless possibilities. Parents, faculty, and students are always eager to support their educational institution.

Here are the top 5 items for the back to school season that are simple and affordable!

1. Branded Expo Calculator: Simple calculators are perfect for beginning math classes. These will add fun and creativity to your elementary or middle school's math lessons.

2. Custom Flexible Ruler: Get students the custom flexible ruler; this is no ordinary ruler! These crafty pieces can be given out as prizes or can be even used for educational programs like D.A.R.E.

3. Promotional School Pouch: Give students an easy way to carry their supplies from classroom to classroom. Kids of all ages use these useful pencil cases to keep track of all their school items.

4. Customized Poly-Clean 28 oz. Plastic Bottle: Water bottles can be a great way to promote fitness and exercise. Maybe even give these water bottles out during field days or gym activities.

5. Custom Highlighter: Older children need to take so many notes, so give them the cost-effective custom Highlighter to keep track of important main topics.

There are endless possibilities for how to endorse your promotional items. Have a little fun doing so by creating something different for all of your school events and fundraisers.