Should I be On Social Media?

Everyone is asking should I be on social media, and if so which ones? The truth is you need to be on social media. I also recommend that you are doing other things outside of social media so that you aren’t putting all your eggs into one basket. Think about social media as an investment that your brand needs.

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Here are the top six reasons you should be on social media if you have a business:

1. drives targeted traffic: You need to think outside of it being about you, and more about your business. You need to post your links and call to action so that you can generate traffic to your site, especially if you are product based business.

2. boosts your site’s SEO: Again this is similar to number one because you are driving traffic and quality content.

3. Users are receptive to your messages:  Your personality will stand out and create your brand awareness. This is exactly what you need. When you authentic and people can relate they are more likely to invest in you, or your product.

4. Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting: Again if you are a product based business retargeting someone from your website to their facebook feed is a must. This is a no brainer!

5. You can respond to problems immediately: Let’s face it whenever there is a problem people are likely to go on facebook and talk about it there. This is a great way to address a problem and let others see your customer service.

6. A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty: When people see that you are active, engaging, and are creating a fun environment for your business you are allowing people to be loyal customers and re occurring customers.

Social media is a huge way for you to build your brand awareness and find a way to interact with your audience. Many times people think that social media should generate sales, and it might not always be the case. If you do not have a social media account, you need to get on it now because they will go to your competitor.

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