How to Create a Killer Instagram Story Campaign

Instagram is huge and is one of the best ways to get sales for any business. There are several ways for Instagram to rock. The most popular thing right now is Instagram stories. You can NAIL these and generate new leads and sales. Stories are great because they stay up for only 24 hours, so people have the urgency to click through and take action. You can now even schedule your stories with Tailwind.

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Did you know that you can NOW schedule Instagram Stories and Videos from Tailwind App? You simply load up your video or post, and use Push Notifications to send it to Instagram and into your Stories!

Selling on instagram stories 

Step One: Decide How You’re Going to Achieve Buy-In

Before launching any campaign, you first have to decide how you’re going to appeal to your audience. Here are some quick ideas: 

  • Share a personal story or a simple introduction to build an emotional connection. People want to be able to connect and stories sell.

  • Work in results, before-and-afters, proof of success, etc. This helps create credibility.

Most of this is best done by you talking to the camera or creating a series of slides. Either way this is simple and easy to use. 

Now that you’ve shared a few Stories using the prompts above, the next step is.. 

Step Two: Prepare Your Audience For the Product

More than just telling your audience “hey a product is coming up next” you want to create something to connect with them, and why your product makes sense for them – before you even show it!

  • Use polls to help your viewers determine if they have a need you can fill. Here are a few quick examples: “Which Do You Struggle With More?” “Which of These Do You Wish You Could Master?” Keep is super simple and user friendly.

  • Use the Rating Bar to get your followers thinking about how much they value a concept that you have.

There are many other fun cute features you can use and implement into your stories, these are just some quick ideas for you. 

Step Three: Feature Your Product!

Now it’s showtime, with a frame featuring your product or service. 

Make sure to keep your Story frame visually appealing and interesting. This is where a branding designer can help :)  You will want to keep away from not having clear graphics or call to actions. Keep it consistent and clean. 

Step Four: Include A Strong CTA

After you’ve featured your product, spell out exactly what your audience needs to do next! You can let them do a poll here, or ask a question. Make sure to engage and interact no matter what.

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