What to Include in a Media Kit

A media kit proves essential for every business; there is NO exception on who should create one. A media kit contains information about your business or event. The point of a media kit is to catch someone’s eye and make them want to work with you. It should be a one-stop shop for all of the necessary information. Media kits can be print or digital; it depends entirely on the person and preference. I recommend always having both because most places like to have both an electronic and a physical version.

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What should your media kit contain?

A few basic items should always be in your media kit.

  • Contact Details: You should add the contact details (phone, website, address, email, etc.) of the person who can interview.
  • Social Info: People like to have your social media information (links, stats, and following). They want this data for a couple of reasons: one, because they can see you have an audience and two, they like to tag and share with their audience.
  • Brands Assisted: Always enclose the companies/businesses you have worked with before. Prior experience gives the credibility/testimonials that you need.
  • About the Company/Person: Provide a quick, yet informative bio. Try not to make the blurb more than three paragraphs per person/business.
  • Media Release: Plug in some details about the event/service/product. Your media release should have quotes from the person available for interviews.

TIP: Put some images in your media kit that journalists can use.

If you have recently appeared in the news or other publications, make mention of this to increase your social proof and credibility. You don't need to use media kits all of the time. People don't always care about the numbers, etc. They want to make sure that you are a great fit and credible!

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The Top Five Promotional Items For Holiday Gifting

Holidays make for a wonderful time of year to give gifts to clients, employees, and relatives. Promotional items create the most powerful and effective marketing tools. Promotional products have always been a trend and are a go-to brand marketing strategy for just about anyone. They are also highly affordable. With all that said, ‘tis the season to give back. You want to provide practical gifts that are also fun and memorable.


Here are some holiday promotional gift ideas ideas:

  1. Cashews, Nuts, and Other Delicious Snacks. Food is a wonderful gift for the holidays. People in the office can enjoy something a little salty or merely appreciate a relationship. Nuts can be ideal for anyone (as long as they aren't allergic) because they are the best snacking item out there.
  2. Anything Chocolate! Chocolate is everyone's best friend, am I right? There are many options: chocolate covered cookies, pretzels, or even almonds. YUM! You decide what you want to gift.
  3. Popcorn and Pretzel Tins. Fill up tins with either popcorn or pretzels. You will be amazed at how these can be such a huge hit. If you are sending to a company that has 5-10 employees, you can bet that they will eat this up!
  4. Gourmet Gift Boxes. Create your favorites and put them together in a box. Want a mixture of everything? GREAT! Let's put it together for you! We can get something custom for your needs.
  5. Fresh Baked Cookies Of course, cookies! These are, again, a delightful snacking treat. You need to decide if you will do one kind of cookie or a variety of cookies. The holiday season is a time to indulge a little and people won't feel guilty doing that if they receive these goodies!

ALL of these items can be customized with your logo, or even brand colors,  as well. Just use the contact us button and let's get started!


3 Reasons Print Media Isn't Dead

I am pretty big on digital design and marketing these days, but I always tell my customers not to put all their eggs in one basket. What if tomorrow Facebook is down? Where does that leave you? You never know, and you can not do only one advertising field.


Long live the traditional forms of print media, right? No. It is still very much around these days. Some might not think it is, or is as large as it once was. But, it is still here.

Before I get into the reasoning for print design, let's talk about what it even is. There are so many items that define "print design". It is anything printed: signs, booklets, direct mail, banners, brochures, fliers, label packaging, calendar, clothing, flag, folder, gift voucher, greeting card, invitation, leaflet, letterhead, manual design, postcard, sticker, or tickets.

There are endless options for print design, as you can see all of these items are still around us every day.

  1. Print establishes an emotional connection. Print design captivates the eyes and hearts of an audience. You can create fun effects to it such as texture, embossed, die cuts, folds, foiling, etc. These help an audience to remember your brand and build a connection with you.
  2. Print triggers a response. With print, there is something fun and unique. Print design has individualized messaging which helps increase engagement and response among consumers; in other words, your return on investment is phenomenal.
  3. Print informs. A print is informational and reliable. Print media can be saved and referred to again and again. I love being able to keep the print design and looking back at it. Digital cannot replace packaging on specific items, such as hazardous signs that need to be on products. 

Print design is still around and still going strong; it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. You always need to have a purpose or campaign for it to be useful though. Digital media remains critical, but print holds a different, special meaning.



We’ve all been there. The fork in the road between doing it all yourself and outsourcing your communication strategy so that you can focus on scaling your business. And maybe you’ve taken someone on and hope they could do their magic and make your business trend. Bring in those new customers that you just know are out there waiting for you. But some things didn’t go as planned. Or they didn’t blow you away. And that just beats the purpose of outsourcing in the first place! We know how expensive miscommunication can be when you’re working to scale your business, am I right? 

How to brief your agency - visions2images

To pre-empt all of this, I’ve found that creating/writing a company/ campaign brief is a great foundation for successful company-agency relationships. Keep it simple by focusing on two things: your unique selling point, your niche/brand focus. Essentially this is your business differentiator and what’s in it for you, simply put, what you’re looking to gain. It helps if you write these down as you compile your brief and have them ready for the ‘discovery meeting i.e. the time you usually meet the agency/ person you’re looking to engage for marketing purposes and introduce them to your business. 

So what’s an Agency Brief?

Some people think of them as the ads for other ads or roadmaps. I’ve found them to be both. Their purpose is to clarify your communication strategy for your brand, be it a product or service and to manage expectations.

I’ll cover 6 core items that have worked for my clients and I and I hope they will be as effective in helping you loop your agency in on your business strategy.  

Let’s get stared, shall we?

  1. The background- this covers the ‘about you’ section. It highlights where you stand or where you are coming from. Numbers are your friend here but in case you don’t have the handy, an estimate would work. Once you engage your agency, they can help you clarify them to the best of your/their abilities.
  2. The audience- this zooms in on our audience, be it the current or potential one. The idea is to describe them as you see them. This section answers the basic questions on who your customer is, their average spend and habits.  From my experience, your agency can/ will help you develop your customer avatar, also known as buyer personas. 
  3. Past Experience- the idea here is to show what has worked for you in the past. This works two ways; it gives your agency a better understanding of tools they can use and it helps them avoid past mistakes that might have cost you a pretty penny.  If you haven’t figures this out yet, not to worry, your agency will help you document what will work for them in the period of your engagement and viola ☺ you have a documented strategy (+results).
  4. The Ask- Famously referred to as the ‘What’s in it for Me’, this is where you state the results you’d like. Be sure to define what your long term and short term goals earlier on. This will help both you and the agency calibrate your expectations and set appropriate goals for your brands strategy.
  5. Case Studies/ Testimonials- we all know how effective referrals are for any business. Why not use your success stories to grow your business by sharing them on your website or on your socials? 
  6. Success measures- These will almost always marry with your ask (No. 4 above). Have a general outline based on your numbers past or anticipated and work with your agency to fine-tune tangible ways to measure results.

About the Author

Livilla is a content developer and digital strategist. When she’s not helping business tell their innovation stories, she blogs at https://stylegitmag.wordpress.com/ 

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Three Ways to Monetize Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge way for any business to advertise and make money. If you are in any sort of creative field or e-commerce field, you will want to be on Pinterest. Pinterest alone can generate sales. YES, truth. In fact, what if I told you that there was a simple way to put your Pinterest on autopilot so you can MAKE money? Yes, you heard me right.

Here are three simple ways to monetize pinterest:

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  1. You see, there is a science behind Pinterest, and you can crack the code by using Tailwind.Schedule your posts, and bulk schedule them, so you don't have to worry about rescheduling the SAME pin. Hello, time saver! Tailwind proves super easy to use. Who really has time for that? You can reschedule hourly, daily, weekly, etc. So say there is a pin that has been a huge hit, re schedule it everyday if youd like to different boards and don’t worry about touching it once it is scheduled!

  2. The other best aspect about Tailwind is that you can submit your pins to tribes where you can reach an EVEN wider audience based on similar interest. By being in a tribe people are required to repin so that they remain active in the group and don't get kicked out. You must repin their stuff as well, so it is a win-win. I suggest finding tribes that REALLY are in your niche and audience so you can get the best from this feature.

  3. Allow easy scheduling from any page with their bookmark toolbar. It is really THAT easy, you just click on it and do your bulk scheduling anywhere on the internet.


With Tailwind, you have access to great analytical data to view and keep up with, as well. This is a sure way to get some money in your pocket! This analysis will allow you to see what time, date, etc. was working for which pins. Tailwind is just an all around GREAT platform. Plus, they even introduced scheduling for Instagram and Facebook recently! I highly suggest you check it out.



Top Reasons to Try the Mileage Tracking App MileIQ

If you are a business owner, then you need to download this app - MileIQ. This app is a life-saver. I have been using it for over 6 years... Throw away those notebooks and papers that you have to keep track of your car mileage.



People.  Situations.  Commitments. Does a combination of these things have you totally overwhelmed?  Have you figured out why you continue to say "yes" so easily but find it so difficult to say "no"?  Women in particular seem to fall into this trap. We feel an obligation to say "yes". Being unable to say no can make you exhausted, irritable, stressed, and leave you with absolutely no time for your own list of things to get done.  We want to be liked. We have the need to be accepted. Showing we are a team player or not wanting to hurt someone's feelings are reasons we choose to say "yes" too.


Top 5 Back to School Promotional Items

Can you believe that summer is over and school is starting up again soon?

Whether it be college or pre-school, all educational institutions can benefit from school promotional products. Using promotional items for schools is the best way to create school spirit and facilitate repeat brand exposure for dozens of students and more!


The Top 5 Best Baseball Promotional Items You Need

Summer is here, and we are well into it now. Do you know what that means? Baseball season is here! I love baseball secretly. My family always watched sports of all kinds, but it seemed that baseball stuck with us more than any other sport. As a business owner, it is important for you to understand the creativity that goes into branding and marketing. With a new season comes new marketing and promotional items.


The Top Six Items Every Creative Needs

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