Meet Susie Liberatore | Art Director & Owner


Susie Liberatore is the owner, and art director, of Visions2images Creative Services. She helps established businesses grow their brand awareness by using digital marketing and professional branding techniques. With over ten years of agency and corporate experience, she brings businesses visions to life, while watching their return on investment increase. 

Susie helps businesses grow their brand presence and connect with their  target audience. For the last decade she brings experience as a former art director in the corporate world bringing it to the businesses of the different online platforms.

Her fields of design expertise are branding development, and social media marketing.  She is the face and voice of Visions2images. Susie is an entrepreneur, she has several businesses and wears many hats for all of them. She has been able to help businesses thrive and grow with her help. 


Our mission: Visions2images LLC is a creative service agency, providing the vision that your brand deserves. We believe in being professional and helping your business goals on all platforms that will give you the return you want. We work with small business that are established  businesses and need that extra boost in their business to scale their business. 

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Michelle Farris
Marriage and Family Therapist, Substance Abuse and Relapse Counselor, Anger Management Therapist

“Susie does amazing graphics for social media and e-books. I really appreciate her fast response to tasks that need immediate attention. She goes above and beyond to give me several choices in my projects. She is very patient when I request minor changes. I highly recommend Susie for her reliability and artistic talent!” 

Roger Miller
Jump Start Agency

“Susie Liberatore is extremely talented creative designer. She exemplifies project ownership and follows through. She is an expert in Adobe software specifically such as Illustrator,  Indesign, and Photoshop. She has great innovative ideas for graphic design that is digital or print. Susie has been an invaluable asset and Susie has a “can do” attitude and nothing intimidates her.”

Ray Hughes
Software Engineer at Pet360

"I worked with Susie for about a year and a half at a past employer. During that time, she evolved from her duties as a designer into a project manager for the development team. Susie self-handedly implemented an Agile development philosophy, managed sprints and huddles, and maintained essential reporting such as burn down charts. Because of her actions, developer significantly increased and the organization maintained a high level of overall efficiency."

Michele Lennon
Launch Success, LLC (Coaching first-time business starters on their road to success)

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Susie on multiple projects. She is extremely professional and punctual. She has a passion for graphic design that shines through her work. I love collaborating with her on our projects and she always brings great ideas to the table. I look forward to continuing our professional connection and I highly recommend Susie for all of your graphic needs!