How long does a design order take?

 Standard Orders: Orders depend on the projects. Logos can take 4-6 weeks. If you need it done sooner, please let us know. Susan gets booked quickly and likes to make sure she can spend time with her customers to ensure the best results. She does offer rush services (completed designs within 1-3 days); of course the pricing for this will be higher, up to 50% of the original price quoted. For all other small minor projects please allow 3-5 business days. 

Do you provide us with font files?

Font Files: Susan can NOT send you the font files that are used in your design. Please be prepared to purchase the font used in your custom design, if you wish to keep consistency within your products not purchased from us.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds: If you are not happy with Visions2images or the designs created for you, they can rework any designs for you. No refunds are offered, since digital work is one of a kind. If you have ALREADY RECEIVED your finalized files & change your mind about the finalized files (ie: you decide you want changes, edits, etc.), there WILL BE a $60/hour design time fee. Susan always offers the option to think your decision over, no matter how long it takes, so that you are 100% positive you are happy with the design. Any additional changes/edits will be considered a new order and you will be placed in line again according to when you placed the order.

What if I need revisions

Note that will all designs you get one initial proof. With this proof it is encouraged to take a few days to ponder it and write down all the changes that need to be made. Once this proof is revised it is an additional $50 per proof, so please keep that in mind. 

How many drafts do I get?

You get 3 initial proofs based on your questionnaire answers. From there, we will pick and choose on which ones to continue working with until we are to the final decision! Each media will be provided with several options and you will get to chose what to keep and get rid of. Please note that after the initial revision if you want changes it will be $50 PER revision. If you want a design change (complete new layout) then it will be priced differently. 

Will I (clients) be able to see proofs before the order is finalized?

of course! You will actually see the proofs as Susan designs them. She likes to share them as soon as they are done designing them so that the next step or project can match and be cohesive with that. Please make sure you check your e-mail and respond as soon as you finish looking at it, this helps the process go quicker on both of our ends.

What do I need to do to “show” you my ideas?

You will receive a questionnaire to fill out for me and you are free to e-mail me any samples/ideas/inspiration or create a pin board and e-mail the link! The more detailed you are, the easier and faster the design time will go! We are constantly in touch with one another and have discovery calls! 

Do you have a payment plan?

Absolutely! Keep in mind, you will not get completed files, until the design is paid in full, or unless stated elsewhere. We required 50% up front to start any design, and 50% upon completion. 

Do you have a late fee?

Yes, after 5 days you will be charged a late fee of 10% the total amount due. Anything after 10 days will be charged 25%. If after 30 days your payment is still not paid, we will be in contact directly. 

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