What Does Your Business Say About You Behind Your Back?

Is your brand in place but you need an extra boost? Do you need someone to step in and monitor your brand to make sure that it reaches the right audience? Want someone to help make sure your brand is cohesive? Do you think that you are not reaching your audience because your branding is off? Let us look at your branding and guide you through the best possible action plans so you can reach your ideal audience.

With over 12 years of experience as a former Art Director, we will confirm that YOUR brand is on point! We will ensure that all the essentials get covered. We will also find the right consistent flow to your brand without changing your logo or established boundaries.

Convey Consistency Today!


  1. 90 minute Coaching Session: We talk and get down to the nity gritty of what you are doing, what is working, what isn’t etc. This is a time where we have a consultation and it is broken up into 2-3 sessions.

  2. 1 page Action Plan: We will outline your capabilities and products, and their strengths and weaknesses. Consider your current state but more importantly identify where you want to be and within a given amount of time.

  3. 5 page Branding Workbook: Identify everything about your brand and business. We analyze alot of different things TOGETHER.

  4. Branding & Mood Board Templates: We revisit your market positioning, by identifying your key differentiators, What makes YOU different and stands out? How should your brand be portrayed in the online world?

  5. Action Plan Moving Forward: (do’s and don’t) Once you’ve defined your positioning, you can review how to get to your goals. You should clearly outline your key messages and selling points for your brand.

  6. Where is your market?: We will talk about how to find them? We will also review your key audience and determine if it has changed or expanded.


For only $597

Build Your Brand

What is the difference between a mood board and a brand board?

A mood board is put together before your logo is implemented. It serves as an idea of how you want your brand to be and provides inspiration for the designer to gain creativity from.

The brand board is designed after your logo is developed. It contains the composed style guide in a quick graphic overview. This is critical so that the business can use the guide and send it to other employees and agencies for PR needs. It isn’t the full corporate guide, but it helps one to better understand the typefaces, colors, and logo to use.

Most of the time, when you invest in a logo design, these items are included. However, if you made your own logo or it was created a while ago, it is a good idea to have a branding consultation to help get your brand on track.

Our branding audit will catch any hole and patch it up while giving your business forward movement.

NOTE: Branding audits do not include ANY design work (logo, branding, etc). This is strictly a consultation.


Meet Susie

Susie helps businesses grow their brand presence and connect with their target audience. For the last decade she brings experience as a former art director in the corporate world bringing it to the businesses of the different online platforms.

Susie has grown a creative agency in just over two years, with a team of sub contractors. Visions2images is a luxury brand that creates an amazing customer experience.