Brand Clarity Mastermind

What is a mastermind?

 A mastermind is a way to gather with other business owners while getting expert support. This specific mastermind focuses strictly on marketing.

The Main Goal of the Event

Marketing can be exhausting, especially when there are a million things on a list to do, but you know you need it! Many are confused with all the changes happening and end up getting frustrated.

What do I post on social media?

What platform should I be on?

Why am I not getting leads?

Is Tiktok the best option?

… the list goes on & on.

Susie Liberatore, owner of Visions2images decided it was time to help small business owners get the support they needed to beat the constant changes at a great affordable price. She is launching a mini mastermind for eager business owners. This is perfect for entrepreneurs or sales executives looking for support on how to grow exclusively with marketing. This is currently by exclusive invitations ONLY.


• Marketing: Stay up to date on all the marketing tips, tricks, and trends so you can implement them immediately. You will get access to all the updates quicker than anything else by being a part of this group. Susie will focus on different topics each week, along with Q&A segments.

• Support: If you are having issues with marketing, share the problems on our call and get the support that you need to resolve issues while learning from others.

• Networking: Hang out with other like-minded business executives!