Why is Branding Important? 7 Reasons That It Pays To Build Your Brand

Today I want to talk to you about why a business needs strong branding. As we know, I am passionate about branding, and good branding can convert to sales.

Why do we need Branding?

  1. Strong Branding increases target markets:  You can specifically target those people with a strategy and identify your core client profiles by connecting emotionally.
  2. Brand consistency equals improved client attraction: Think of Super Bowl Ads, Some are humorous; some make us cry or laugh, which helps us connect with the brand. Some examples of Brand consistency are Panera and Burger King. Even your water or electric bill has that brand consistency, which means you can identify it, and it converts. How do you show Brand consistency? You should have the same fonts, same colors, images, voice, and patterns through social media and marketing.
  3. The Target client needs to be strong: It needs to be implemented with branding and marketing strategies, so it’s essential to know your audience. Know their pain points and how to reach them so you can solve their problems, and then it converts. 
  4. Strong Branding elevates your company persona: First impressions always count, whether it is your logo, social media, website, or Google My Business. We know this because when we look for a landscaper or roofer, what makes us decide to hire them? It will be the ones with the fantastic website or logo and the active ones on their social media, with great reviews and testimonials. It takes time to build this up, so don’t get frustrated if you are starting out. If you want to get ahead, it’s essential to have that first impression. You don’t have to be on the first page of Google, but you need to have a clear strategy and plan.
  5. Strong Branding allows you to stand out in a crowd: You want to have a long-term strategic plan focused on your goals on how to reach your target audience so they will convert. Strategy is crucial with campaigns; it’s coming up with the voice and how you will get from A to Z. What the goals are and the timeline, so everything comes together nicely.
  6. Introduce new products with confidence:  If you are launching a new service or changing your products, you have to do it confidently. If your brand is not up to par, it’s not likely to convert. We need to know that everything is built on promise, personality, and emotion. If you are going to change things, you need to do it slowly so your audience doesn’t get confused.
  7. Is Branding cost-effective?:  Yes, Branding could cost thousands of dollars, but every so often, I do a Branding workshop where all the DIY, or the ones that have their brand established that need just a little bit of support come together. They get a live workshop with me for a week, ask me questions, get email sessions with me all these benefits, and it is very cost-efficient.

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