Brand Visibility For Holidays

They say that this holiday season will be a little different and a little odd in the sense that things are hard to come by. I am still waiting on my son’s uniform that we ordered in September because there’s a shortage of workers to embed the logo. We have to be cautious of all of these things for our marketing this year. Putting that into place, customer experience and customer service are high priorities.

November is just around the corner, and if you have not started doing any marketing for the holidays, you need to jump on board. No matter what type of business you have, you have to have holiday marketing, holiday excitement, and holiday stuff. I’m going to be launching some fantastic things coming up around the holidays. Make sure you’re on my email list to get those notifications because they will be hot and popular.

When you talk about the holidays, you don’t have to think, I need to create a new campaign. I need to do all of these things for it to be successful.

Some of the ways to make yourself visible:

  1. Facebook groups: If you don’t have a Facebook group for your business, you should create one as this will allow you to have a different audience besides your Facebook Page, which not everyone sees all the posts. Having a group can help you notify your audience quicker, so make sure you are active in your group. Also, find Facebook groups for you to be in; some groups have promotional days for you to network, and if you are a local business, find that group or page in your city or state. Don’t go in trying to make a sale; send them to your blog, and from there, you can always add a Facebook pixel. It’s about education and then the sale at the end. We just want to get them into the group and get visible. I will be doing a small post in my group where I allow people to share their business, share their website, share their promos, all of that stuff
  2. Client list: It depends on what kind of business you have, since I’m an agency owner and I have different companies that I work with, sometimes they’re one-offs, and sometimes they’re retainers, but I go back, and I always look at the clients and see who can I reconnect with. How can I reconnect? Can I send them a, hey, here’s a 10% off deal?
  3. Email lists: They are so important. You’re able to target those interested people, and they wouldn’t have found out about your email if they were not interested, right? And if they aren’t interested, they can unsubscribe. But if you are an e-commerce shop, it’s a no-brainer to have an email system set up.
  4. Facebook friends: These are my personal Facebook friends. I do a lot of business, and I do a lot of individual posts on my Facebook page. It turns into business often, and when I connect with people, I introduce myself, chat with them, and get to know them. I do personal posts on my page about my business, and if they are interested, I reach out to them. I’m able to connect with people who have connected with me before. It’s essential to post on your profile page but understand you want to communicate with them before you go in and say, hey, want to buy my stuff? Then after you have built a relationship, ask if you can send them information.
  5. Look at your business cards: This is old school, but look back at your old business cards and see who you can reconnect with and keep that visibility going. If you sell products, you can connect with vendors and do local events. There are lots of events happening in your community where you can get involved. Set up a booth at a fair or a school, auction off baskets, and put your business card in it. Donate money to a good cause, and at the same time, you get recognition for it. It’s about creating that visibility in your community.
  6. Guest blog: This used to be popular a couple of years ago, it’s not as popular now, but you can do guest blogs. Reach out to bloggers and say, hey, can I write a blog post about your service, a product, whatever it is. Often, they’re going to say yes, because they don’t have to write a blog for that week.
  7. Be a guest on a podcast or in a Facebook group: You don’t want to go in selling something; you want to educate them, then have a clear call to action to get them on your email list, and from there, they can get all the information from you. Videos are popular and this is a great way to get into the door to a new audience.
  8. Host a workshop or online webinar: These work well if you are launching a course or just launching in general. This can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to gain visibility, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant.
  9. Ask your connections to share: Sharing is caring, right? We’ve heard that many, many times, and when they share, you should also share their stuff. Collaboration is key around the holidays!

 The bottom line is that you have to choose what you want to do to get that visibility.

Take a step back and ask your audience. Are they confused? Is there a clear call to action? Do they understand what’s going on? If you have a lower following where you’re not getting as much engagement, I recommend Facebook ads. Facebook ads are necessary to gain and build that audience.

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