Brand Clarity’s Top 4 Podcast Episodes of 2021

In 2021, Visions2images launched their first podcast called Brand Clarity. We were able to record over 45 episodes in 2021, and have over 15 guest speakers. We were even able to reach over 3 countries!

Brand Clarity is the ability to have consistent branding at all times on all different platforms ranging from website, branding, social media, and even print design. It is what makes up a brand as a whole, so you can reach your audience and be successful.

We had some of the most amazing guest speakers on the podcast over the year. We are excited about the 2022 lineup so make sure you sign up for notifications:

There are the top four episodes that were listened to the most in 2021:

  1. How To Overcome Corporate Marketing as a Franchise Owner – In this podcast, I go over why hiring a marketing agency to help with your franchise marketing makes sense. You get a lot of great ideas from the franchise marketing department, but you have to stay ahead of the curve, and working with an agency will help you differentiate yourself from the other franchises. Listen to the podcast episode 
  2. How To Leverage Video For Your Digital Marketing – I talked with guest speaker, Mike Hurley. We go over some of the ways you can leverage video for your digital marketing and how you can repurpose some of your longer videos for social media. Listen to the podcast episode
  3. How To Gain Power In Your Business –  I talked with guest speaker, Sarah Nemecek. She coaches women entrepreneurs on their money and mindset in business and life and how to get clear on what they want. Listen to the podcast episode
  4. Brand Visibility For The Holidays –  In this podcast, I talk about how to ramp up your Holiday Marketing excitement to help increase your brand visibility. Listen to the podcast episode 

These are the TOP listened-to episodes in 2021, and I truly enjoyed each of them. Thank you for a successful year and for listening to our first podcast!

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