Your Voice Can Be Created Without You Having Do It

Happy 2022! It feels like a new year. In December, I was able to take some time off and fine-tune and focus on my personal life and business goals. Today, I want to talk about your brand voice. Listen to the podcast here

A couple of weeks ago, I was on the phone with a client; I asked what she was struggling with, and she said, “I don’t know what to write for my social posts or what to write for my email,” and I said, well, have you thought about outsourcing it?

Her response was,” yeah, but my voice would be lost if I hired somebody.”

It got me thinking.

I’m sure many people struggle with this. Sometimes it is because there might be a mental block that they don’t want to outsource because they think it will lose their voice.

That’s not the case. I have different voices for all of my clients, and we strategically do it.

I wanted to share with you some ideas about how to really dive in and what I typically do with clients when this problem arises. The most significant thing before you can even decide what to publish is understanding your brand voice.

Here are a few things to guide you:

  • Your brand voice is about your personality and how you communicate. It helps you stand out from your competitors and gives you a unique perspective; it creates stronger brand loyalty. You need to understand your brand as a whole before you can even really get your bang for your buck.
  • How do you create your brand voice, especially if you want to do it yourself? A strategy is the first thing you do.

– Always start with your company’s mission and value statement because that is the underlining piece of what your business is about, from there, we build upon different elements. When I talk about these pieces, I always talk about core values.

I defined all of my statements in 2021 so that I was able to create my persona for my brand, and then I started to build with my clients. You often have to repeatedly revisit to see if things have changed, like your voice, mission, and value statement.

My mission statement for Visions2images is, Visions2images is the agency name for small businesses, such as franchises and corporations. We take pride in excelling in new branding and marketing techniques to increase visibility in lead generation. That is my bread and butter. That’s what I talk about on social media, and I create different content pieces based on that statement.

– I followed up on core values; I created the acronym for visions in my name. You can do it however you want to.

V Visionary: Planning brands with imagination or wisdom.

I Intelligent: Response to varying digital marketing situations to problem solve visually.

S Successful: Having achieved profit and overall brand growth.

I Innovator: Introduces new methods, ideas, and techniques to improve branding.

O Optimist: We are confident about the future and success of all our clients.

N Networking: Create a way for businesses to interact with others to exchange information and develop contacts.

S Share: Clients’ success is our growth we share a portion of success together.

-That’s the foundation and the core, and from there, you want to research your audience: it’s essential to have an identity so that you can have successful marketing at all times.

  • Identify your audience. You will understand the voice that they want to hear. I always talk about child services, like daycares and preschools. Their voices are geared toward parents, but they’re still professional. They have the charisma to care for them and understand the parents’ concerns. Whereas if you go to a bar or restaurant, their voices are going to be completely different in a sense where they’re going to have fun energy, and they’re going to have a little more laid-back personality as well. Then a lawyer, of course, will be completely different from all of those where they’re going to be highly professional.
  • I like to look at the best-performing pieces and why they work. If you’re new to social media, you’re not going to understand all of this right away. It will take time, but you can track the data and the analytics when you have an established business and have been on social media and sending out emails.
  • Tracking the data and analytics helps understand which pieces are performed and why. I don’t always have the answers; however, I can dive in and see the analytics and data. I can say, okay, this might’ve worked because of this. I had a client who had a blog about health and well-being. She posted something different from what she usually did and what happened was she got a lot of traffic to her blog, a lot of engagement on her social media posts, and overall organic reach. I told her to mark this because it is an essential piece; why did it get more attention than the other pieces? I told her we needed to discuss this topic more and break it into segments. We brainstormed ways to dive in about what content would work for her in the future and now.
  • Make a list of do’s and don’ts of topics. We don’t want to talk about hot issues that might get someone stressed. We don’t want to post about politics; we don’t want it to be about things that can make somebody angry and upset. We have to resonate with them and educate them. We want to post about education, and here’s how we can help you. For example, I have a fitness client who wants to talk about nutrition and calorie intake, but we don’t want to post what you should and shouldn’t do because we want to be strategic. – We want to make sure it resonates with them and tell them you have the source to back it up.
  • Create a brand voice system. There are other ways to dive in, like which keywords would resonate with them. We have a lot of techniques and strategies that we use in our agency when we want to identify these problems for people and then implement them.

Suppose you hire an agency to help. It’s essential to have a foundation built so that you can hand it off to somebody like the agency: here’s what we do, here’s what we don’t do, here is the foundation you can build upon and create unique strategies and techniques for your campaigns.

That is the basic outline of how that can work for anybody. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an agency to help create your brand message and voice.


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