(Franchise Marketing) Why Every Company Needs A Marketing Consultant

Let’s talk about franchise marketing and why we’ve niched down into this area. Over the years, I have been working with many franchises, and it seems like a no-brainer to niche down. However, even before that, my experience has led me here. Listen to the podcast here

When I started my journey in the creative field, I started working at a startup agency in Nashville TN, and I loved every little piece of it; I loved the fast-growing pace, the creativity, and the unique customers. Even though it was specific to dental offices and the healthcare industry, we created something different and unique. I loved the dynamics and uniqueness each client had. 

When I moved to Ohio about five-six years ago, I took a corporate job, still freelancing on the side. And you know how that goes, right? You’re trying to manage life, child, working full-time, and freelancing on the side, it was crazy.

When people are in franchises or large corporations, they think they can’t be creative. They think they are tied to corporate guidelines and can’t be creative. They might have corporations sending out emails, but they are missing their local presence and don’t know how to build it.

That’s where I started to dive in and develop the branding bridge. This is really in the developing phase and will be fully executed this year.

Let’s dive in: Why should a franchise hire a consultant for their marketing? 


Expertise: We are continually investing in marketing trends and have decades of experience under us. We’re always learning, growing, and evolving. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t work. We invest in our future since trends are always changing in the digital marketing field. We take pride in our expertise to help businesses get to where they need to be.

Cost savings: This is the best kind of benefit. You don’t have to hire an employee, don’t have to pay worker’s compensation, and you don’t have to pay health insurance, etc. As a consultant, you are usually billed on a retainer or hourly basis, so you can budget and know what to expect. This is one of the biggest benefits.

Creativity: When a consultant comes in, they see it from the outside looking in. We don’t know what goes on internally as far as a marketing team goes. Once we start working together they will share their insights with us. We see things very differently as an insider. We have perspectives and can make strategic moves. Maybe, you think you know what you have to do, but you doubt yourself or your team doesn’t know how to implement it. That’s why hiring a consultant with creative skills is perfect. We say, here’s what can work, let’s try it and check back in a week and possibly try this other option. It’s about giving that specific expertise guidance.

No matter where you’re at in your business, you should always have some type of mentor, coach, or consultant. It can be so hard internally to develop things and take effective action steps. 

We create the action steps: So many times people often get stuck. They don’t know how to do it, what to do, etc. We put together a plan for you that is very specific and geared towards your goals based on our expertise. You can fully execute on your own and be successful, or just get consulting along the way too. There are many variables as to how to execute and decide what would be best for your business. The first step is to think about where you’re at, write down your goals, and write down how to execute them. Then, identify where you are at and plan how to implement it. Third, identify what you need before you even do your marketing to be entirely successful, and your marketing can work for you. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, a consultant will help you get to the next level. It can be overwhelming to get started, but we are experts and would be honored to help you. 


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