What is your story?

Every business has a story, I wanted to share mine with you!

I am Susie Liberatore the owner and Art Director of Visions2images. I grew up in a digital world where AOL was a thing with instant messenger. I was always picking fonts and colors to send messages to my friends. I was always creating dance programs and taking photographs of friends and family; I guess that is because my dad worked at Kodak and I had technology all around me.

From there, I started to design brochures and programs for the dance studio I was attending. I started to see that design was a thing and I really truly enjoyed it. I received my BFA and went right into the agency world while taking Small Business and Marketing courses on the side.

After working in the agency and corporate world I saw so many businesses missing out on creative opportunities. There is nothing worse than going to from a website to social media only to think to yourself “is this still the same company?” Because their branding isn’t consistent! This is how businesses lose leads.

I turned this passion eventually into a profitable business that I was able to sustain as a single mom to an autistic kid.

I have invested over a decade mastering the digital design world and was an early insider to the Digital Marketing space learning the twists and turns of exactly how to bring that physical brand to the online space. Since Visions2images has started over four years ago, it has grown incredibly.

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