A website is a home

If you meet someone out at a restaurant or an event and they look great, so you set a date to pick them up at their house for dinner on Saturday but they can’t give you an address, how would that make you feel?

(Doubt would be placed in your mind. “Are they for real”?)

If they gave you their address and their home was just as spectacular (or better) than your first impression of them, you would be excited to continue the relationship, right?

Later. When asked why you wanted to spend more time with them you might say “I knew when we met” but it was also all of the interactions AFTER that. If they had ended up being homeless or living in a shack (or in their mom’s basement) you might NOT have continued.

The same goes for a website… 

It’s not WHY someone wants to continue working with you but it does powerfully SUPPORT their inclination and ultimate decision.


It’s not the only thing that makes you great, but it supports and perpetuates the initial feelings.

Once you have a great home, it’s about getting people to your home.

  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Sequences
  • Blog Posts
  • Print Design

All must be consistent to continue the right feelings get perpetuated.

It also nurtures the relationship because… Blogs are a great reason to reach out and email is another place along with social to share those blogs. Do you see how it flows together?

That’s why companies come and STAY with Visions2images.

We begin by setting up a great home.

Then we continue to develop an audience and drive attention to that home with strategically placed social media and internet presence with consistent branding AND follow up in the form of digital assets like blogs and emails.

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