How To Develop An Effective Marketing Campaign


Why Should You Have A Marketing Campaign

I want to ask you, do you have an intentional marketing campaign for 2021?

You might be thinking what’s a marketing campaign, and what should it do?

If you don’t have a plan for your marketing, it’s almost impossible for your campaign to be successful. Advertising is one thing, but a solid marketing strategy is a completely different concept. The last thing you want is to lose clients over a lack of planning. That’s why it’s imperative to have intention and direction for your business to grow. Expanding your business boils down to your marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign should have that specific roadmap and direction. Your marketing campaign will influence everything else that happens with your business.

So when considering your campaign, your campaign must be strategic. It should have three main concepts, your strategy, brand authority, and consumer profile.

1. Develop your strategy. 

At Vision2Images my team and I will sit down and brainstorm with you. We go through a series of questions to help you identify your target audience. Are you B2B, B2C? Are you running ads? Are you reaching your audience organically? During the planning process, we go over these fundamental questions with you.

It’s also crucial to consider your social media. Do you need to ask yourself what is the point of social media? Is it for creating engagement? Is it for conversion? Is it for both? I always tell my clients that social media is a way to engage with your audience. It will create brand awareness that will lead to conversion.

Remember, you can’t just post to social media and expect things to work. You need to keep that strategy and roadmap top of mind.

2. Establishing your authority.

When working with social media, it’s important to make sure that your brand is cohesive. Your branding matters. Your branding should create recognition, authority. It should be the first thing that your audience interacts with. Remember, it only takes 3 seconds to make an impression on your target audience. Within those three seconds, you must portray everything your brand represents. That means ensuring your colors, fonts, graphics, and images are all aligned.

With Visions2Images we sit down and customize templates for our clients so that you can establish everything you need to within those 3 seconds. Your audience isn’t going to engage if they’ve seen that same Canva template everyone is using.

Producing high-quality content is going to set you apart from the competitors, and establish your authority.

3. Understand your consumer profile.

With the strategy and brand authority established, we now need to understand how everything is translating. The world’s most recognizable brands scale through understanding their audience. The only way to do this is to break down your numbers. With Visions2Images we examine your data and insights. We assess if there is a need for split testing and if we are reaching enough people. We sit down and plan the possibilities for conversion.

Collecting and understanding the data is what’s going to shape the success of your business. This consistent and strategic branding will leverage your company and set you apart from your competitors.

At Visions2Images we have over ten years of experience helping businesses to scale and grow through their brand authority and marketing campaigns. We help them to establish their brands and stand out from their competitors.

So what are you doing to set yourself apart?

Don’t get lost trying to do everything by yourself. Click the get started button down below if you’re serious about taking the next steps in your branding and want to start scaling your business today!


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