The Branding Bridge: Bridging the Gaps In Your Brand Strategy


What is a branding bridge? 

A Branding Bridge will help close the gaps within your branding strategy and build a cohesive connection between all its different parts. Visions2Images is committed to helping clients meet that goal by focusing on Branding, Website, and Social Media.

As a business owner, you might ask yourself this question all the time: How do I get leads that can convert to sales?

Even though you might have all the items in place, something might still seem to be missing. But you’re not quite sure because you’ve tried X, Y, Z.  So, you think to yourself, What am I doing wrong?

The backbone and philosophy behind the Branding Bridge is understanding your business needs and connecting that to your brand. We put in place unique strategies and skills to maximize your chances of conversion through great and consistent branding.

The Branding Bridge starts with your foundations: your colors, fonts, graphics, images & patterns.

We start with the fundamentals.  Do you have the colors, fonts, graphics, images, and patterns? We break it down so that it goes beyond creating a logo – instead, we create a strategy that helps you reach your audience and leads to sales.

Every little detail matters in the branding process. For instance, the colors of a preschool aren’t going to translate or fit the colors of a professional workplace. This concept also applies to the fonts. For a preschool you will use something easy and big to make it accessible for children. While for the workplace you would use something more professional. There’s a demographic and target for each audience. We make sure you are reaching your target audience in the most effective and consistent strategies through your branding.

Your website is the single most important thing in a digital age. It is more than likely the first place your customers will interact with your brand.

A website needs great navigation, mobile friendly, call to action, and content. Your website is one of the best ways to stay consistent and authentic with your audience. It always goes back to the audience and what you’re trying to portray. When you create that consistent strategy, you can define your audience and your brand. This will build your recognition and make your brand strong. 

We make sure it’s easy to navigate and can convert to sales. Don’t make them search for the checkout button, or services button, it will cause a frustrated customer. You can help your audience by providing a consistent and clear brand through your website. This creates a familiarity and type of trust with your audience.

A lot of people will likely be interacting with your website through their mobile phone. So, make sure that your branding and website is also consistent for mobile viewing.

We help reach your audiences on all of your social media platforms to gain visibility and lead generation.

Social media is a tool for visibility and lead generation. It can bring you sales, but it can also create that brand awareness if done properly. You want to engage with your audience on the platforms they use, and you don’t need to be on every platform. 

For instance, Visions2images does well on Facebook and LinkedIn. Instagram and Pinterest have a different demographic which doesn’t necessarily align with our brand. 

You want to make sure that you are posting at the times of the highest engagement for your demographic. Creating that content calendar is critical. Content is where your audience is going to find the personality and style of your brand. Create that irresistible call to action and get your audience to engage.

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