How to Market Your Franchise

Have you ever wondered how to do franchise marketing?? At vision2images we niched down over the years, and we’ve been working more with corporations and franchises. As a result, we have developed a whole new process and strategy behind franchise marketing. Now granted, you have to do some things by the book, but you can do a lot more for your franchise. So let me tell you how!

Each franchise that is independently owned can take on many fun and creative tricks to market its franchise. With a franchise, we want to make sure that you’re unique and have your personality come through! It’s just like any other kind of marketing and or branding; we want to make sure that you are visible and that people can identify you quickly and easily. When running a franchise, you want to build a relationship with your clients to make them feel like family.

So how can we market our franchises? 

 BRAND DEVELOPMENT You want to find out the positioning and leadership in the franchise, and then bring in prospects and then growth. How do you figure out how you’re going to grow your franchise? A lot of times, when you go into a franchise, they have all of these great tools for you already. There’s a lot at the beginning of figuring out an analysis that should include leadership and business sales, customer services, marketing, and product development. Think of it as a complete picture in a sense, and make sure that you set qualified goals that you want to achieve and prepare a budget to measure success. 

Consistency is critical in every business period. You’ve heard me say it a million times, but it’s true. Be consistent with your business, just as you are consistent with your life. We want to keep showing up EVERYWHERE! The first thing you need to do is identify what makes your franchise unique from everybody else. Then, recognize who your target audience is! You really to identify this to stand out and use it in your marketing. 

YOUR VOICE MATTERS!! We must establish the words and phrases that we want to have in marketing and have key messaging at all times. Good brainstorming with your team will help people hear what message you are trying to put out there. As a business owner, I want people to feel like they’re getting a luxury experience from a full creative agency. 

Ask yourself this? Do you want to show up as a professional, or do you want to show up as somebody more fun, or do you want to show up more direct? You have to understand how you want your audience to identify you and utilize that in your marketing. 

BE RELEVANT Understand who your audience is and use that in your marketing. Don’t forget to be unique and target your audience and the location you want to reach. You need to understand who you are as a franchise and understand your personality, vibe, and how you want all that to be portrayed.

Ask yourself this? Do you know the demographics of your audience: age, gender, location, salary, hobbies, or even career

MATCHING THE GRAPHICS! We want to reach a local presence because many times, what we see franchises and corporations doing is they have their traditional marketing going out digitally. You need to post about local communities, what you’re doing, highlight your team, highlight customer reviews, and highlight what you’re doing daily in your local area.  People don’t want to keep seeing the same stuff every day. They want to see things that are relatable and geared towards them.

ASK YOURSELF?? How is your franchise different from anybody else? Having the same marketing as everyone else is not good for SEO. After all, if everyone is posting and marketing the same, why would we need to search for it, or how does your audience know which location is best for them? All social platforms are search engines, in a sense. However, there are many ways that Google and SEO work, but that’s a  whole other topic for another blog.

Those are the things that are going to make your marketing drive and increase revenue. There are many things like paid media, earned media, and shared media, but this blog would turn into a short book!

I want you to understand the takeaway from today is that no matter if you’re a franchise owner, you have the right to market and personalize yourself as a franchise to be different and unique. And again, it’s so important, and it’s so critical. I’ve helped franchises increase lead generation by 30% within 30 to 60 days! If you need help finding a new way to market your franchise we can help! Click the contact button down below. 


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