How to use LinkedIn for B2B (business to business).

Anyone can sell on LinkedIn that is business to business. There is a fine line between sales and marketing. So how can we use LinkedIn to reach B2B customers, it’s a whole different game field, and it can be super exciting. Let me tell you how.

Beef up your profile

The first thing I tell my clients, or whenever I take over their LinkedIn, is to BEEF up your business LinkedIn profile. I also recommend having your personal page up to date. You will want to make sure that you have your bio and about filled out correctly.

When it comes to your business page and personal page, there should ALWAYS be a call to action that will grab your audience’s attention. Make sure also to highlight some quick services, too.

If you are posting to LinkedIn, share inspiration, motivation, blog posts, or other things to help and educate your audience.

Track your performance. 

Make sure you track your performance! Third-party sites such as Hootsuite and Buffer are great for tracking tools. LinkedIn on the back end can show you how many new visitors you had in a week, how many people searched, how many now follow your page, and so much more.

Knowing your audience 

So here’s the thing about marketing, you always want to know who your audience is at all times. If your audience isn’t on LinkedIn, I don’t recommend using LinkedIn. But if you’re B2B, I would highly consider LinkedIn. Asking your audience and clients what they want to hear is an excellent way to figure out customers’ wants and needs. Don’t forget always to link back to your website. It will provide traction and the traffic you need for your website.

Videos are becoming popular

Videos are becoming more and more popular these days. You want the videos to be five minutes or less, super sweet, super easy. If you’re doing B2B, I don’t necessarily recommend doing Tik Tok or Instagram Reels because they are short, and you can’t get your entire point across; it isn’t ideal for B2B currently.

However, creating an informative video that people want to listen to and save for later is the end goal. You can even transcribe your videos so your audience can read them while they watch. It is also a great way to capture your audience’s attention because sometimes they can’t watch it at the moment. There are so many different ways to utilize your video. I also love adding your custom branding and logo; it adds that benefit of authority and visibility.

Connect Connect Connect 

I’ve said this before, and I’ll repeat it: I love to send messages! I love to connect with people and ask them for a call to make that deeper connection. Continuing the conversation and showing that you’re interested in what they have said is essential. That’s good networking, and they might turn into a client or even have clients for you. It’s always super important to keep those connections and keep that messaging going on your LinkedIn at all times.

LinkedIn is only suitable for certain businesses. It is really understanding if your audience is there. There is so much great stuff on LinkedIn, and it’s constantly changing and evolving. LinkedIn is just becoming one of my best friends lately. Use it to your advantage! If you need help selling business to business, click the contact button down below.

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