Should My Social Media Manager be Bringing in Sales?

The biggest question I hear day in and day out is that “my social media isn’t bringing in sales, should it be and if so how much?”

The first thing that I want to say is that social media can bring in sales or lead generations. However, it is not always a lead generator. More often than not social media is made for the brand awareness; it is made to make those connections and create visibility to your audience. People want to learn more and connect with the brand, before they make the purchase. They want to become the loyal customer by making sure that they like the brand and it fits their needs.

If your social media does it right, they will be creating new leads, new recognition and new interactions. From there it might lead to sales, but you are building the brand awareness. It all really depends on what you want out of your social media manager, and who your audience is, and also what your business is.  Social media managers is not a sales kind of job. They are actually creating your brand awareness more than anything else.

Generally it can take time but by 3-4 months you should see your interaction and engagement increasing as a whole on your social media.

That is why content is king here, people want interesting and fun things. If people like or share you will reach more people organically and can get a wider reach. From there they might turn out to be a customer or a new ‘like.’

So when someone shares, likes, or comments, they are creating that brand awareness and recognition that needs to be accomplished. People turn to social media for reviews, interaction, and professionalism. By showing up in news feeds you can gain new customers and sales, it just might not be immediate.

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