Branding is EXACTLY like dating

It’s been THREE years, of the same logo. The same colors. The same everything. It was time for a change because growth has happened. I knew it was time for a change because my audience has changed.

It all started with me wanting to change my colors and doing just that, then from there, I updated my website and got these butterfly feelings.  As time went one, each item kept leading from one thing to another. It was like a first date, and I felt all the feelings.

My anxiety was high when I was doing my own rebrand, I don’t get that feeling for my clients. I get excited and pumped, but this time it was different. Then things started to get serious, you know like, they do on a third and fourth date.  Maybe because I realized ALL the things that needed to be revised and this was getting serious. I had to commit.

There was no turning back now though because I made it this far and I needed to get excited and marry my new brand. I finally felt that feeling.. That feeling with a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

I changed my website, social media, print designs, collateral, business cards. I started pulling long nights because I felt that feeling where I got butterflies and got excited about the new branding look. Just like my business didn’t grow overnight either did my brand.

This was a VERY strategic decision.

  1. I picked new colors: I *still* have my teal color, but I decided the main color was a royal blue. Royal blue can represent superiority, and it is often associated with depth and stability.
  2. I picked new fonts: I picked fonts that were more modern and could stand alone. My audience is mid to large-sized corporations, so this was a much-needed change.
  3. I created my design: I wanted a brand new look. I fought myself a lot and kept going back and forth on my logo. My old logo targeted more females than males, I wanted something more neutral and modern to reach both audiences.

Do you see? So much went into this decision, and you shouldn’t have to do this alone.

I present to you, our new look of Visions2images. I couldn’t be more excited now that the process is complete and we can show off this new look. Let my team and I turn your vision into an image; we are now booking for July.

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