What is missing in your branding? 

“What can visions2images do for my business?” This question gets asked very often, so I wanted to share it with you.

That is such a great question! Branding is like a car that needs to be updated and maintained in order for it to keep running successfully. You can’t just have a logo and think your branding is done. There are so many more essential pieces for branding.

  1. The first thing is a logo and branding identity. Sometimes businesses don’t need a new logo. Other times businesses just need fine-tuning on their assets for branding (colors, fonts, patterns, images, etc). Other times, larger businesses have their brand established but need the next step or need to increase their brand awareness.
  2. Does your website match your branding? The digital age is critical and people are going to Google any business then go to a website. Therefore it is critical that this matches the brand and has a clear call to action AND is mobile friendly. I know it is a lot!
  3. Are you posting to social media? Yes, I am sure you are. Chances are though that sometimes we get caught up in life and post just to post. Being strategic and consistent with your posts and branding can make all the difference.
  4. Are you doing print design? There is so much more to branding than the digital world. The print design could be as simple as creating sales booklets, workbooks, presentations, handouts, the list is endless. Bottom line customers still want something tangible.
  5. Are you sending out emails? Email marketing can work when done properly. It can generate awareness and sales. Don’t leave it all up to social media to do this for you, use all the tools around you.
  6. Do you have promotional and packaging needs? Even though you might not be attending conferences or in-person workshops, promotional items are still essential for branding. Send a custom gift to your customers, vendors, or prospects it will make all the difference. 

Branding is a puzzle that works together with each item. I know it can be a lot, that is why Visions2images is here for any business needs.  All of the items above have to work together with one another.

According to Inc., organizations with brand consistency had an estimated average revenue increase of 23%.

For example, a business that brings in a million dollars a year without consistent branding could bring in an additional $230,000.00 a year with consistent branding.

So tell me what piece of your puzzle is missing when it comes to the branding bridge?

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