What is your diagnosis? 

I got a massage last week and let me tell you it was so long overdue.

I felt the pain every day because of stress and tension. I kept getting headaches.

This massage was painful. I always usually get massages but it’s been what seems like forever.

It hurt. It hurt for hours afterward. And I got a diagnosis of what to do to get myself better (since I’m always on the computer and tense!)

Why am I telling you this?

Here’s the thing when a client comes to me they know they need help with branding and marketing and think it’s going to be painful. Honestly, it is not painful, but we as humans find excuses and procrastinate to find those pain points…..

  1. I don’t want to spend a lot
  2. I can do it myself
  3. It’s fine, I am happy where I am at
  4. What I’m doing is working
  5. I had a bad experience before
  6. I like my branding
  7. I’ve tried x before and it didn’t work
  8. I would rather suffer than adapt

The list can go and on.

But the longer you wait…..the more you have to spend… or the longer it will take to get results.  Right? Sorta.

That massage didn’t fix me one time. I need to go back and I need to work on my exercises and desk posture. The pain that built up over time was unbearable. 

The same is true for branding and marketing the longer you wait the more painful it is, so to speak. It does not have to be painful, starting somewhere is progress. Nothing happens overnight, but the first step is always figuring out what is wrong and how to make changes.

Are you ready to get your branding diagnosis?

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