Three Simple Steps to Expand Your Visibility Without Social Media

The question is, how do we build a presence? Social media is great, but you need more than that because social media can change from day today. The algorithms are always fluctuating and sometimes it’s impossible to keep up. So, you actually want to make sure you have other avenues for your brand and your business. Implementing visibility is actually quite simple, so let’s get started!

  1. Print design is one of those great avenues! I want to talk to you about one of my clients, she is an interior designer and she’s in North Carolina. We’ve worked her entire brand together. We started to talk about what she required. That got us talking about expanding her presence. We wanted to go beyond social media visibility and chose signage for that purpose. So, we created this incredible signage displaying all the services offered at her store and location. I checked up with her a few days ago, and she told me that my signs drew five customers in only a few weeks! When we’re thinking about visibility and presence it’s easy to concentrate on the digital platforms, but don’t forget about how much print can influence people too!
  2. So the second secret is utilizing promotional items. Just how you have free opt-ins, you also need to have the same kind of concepts for your store locations. So, our client bought these amazing high-quality branded bags with her logo. People began buying stuff to get these bags because they were so amazing, they were so durable, and people came to the store because people could tell they were top-quality.
  3. The third one is website design and development. Web design and development is very strategic. We didn’t just put the product on our website and tell people to buy from us. No. Every piece of it was very strategic, from brand voice to aesthetics, to setting up launch campaigns. And within six months, all their seats were filled just by being strategic with their branding and website design and development.

This is what my agency does for people.

While it is important to have social media platforms to expand your visibility, it is also imperative to have other avenues of marketing and branding. Sometimes it’s just a second opinion, a good old-fashioned strategy, or a simple brainstorm that works.

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