How to Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been one of those platforms that makes me wonder, is it worth it?? Is it working?? Is my audience here?? We always ask these questions as business owners for marketing because we don’t want to waste time and money. Here are six tips that can grow and leverage your LinkedIn.

1. Let’s Talk About Networking!

Sometimes networking can be challenging, but connecting with people and really understanding who they are and how you can help one another is a significant part of growing. You can network with almost anyone you meet. You can connect with people virtually, face to face, and in people’s DM’s. The possibilities are endless. LinkedIn groups are a great way to network and get your business out there! There are so many tools that you can use to network and grow your business. 

2.  Sharing Posts

Why do you share posts? To get your audience’s attention or to relate to your audience! Right? When you share a post or comment, there is always a strategy behind it. We never share something and don’t say one word about it. That doesn’t work very well. 

Finding that audience and diving in to find whom you want to be connected with and start commenting on their stuff and sharing their post is an easy way to network. The more you show up on LinkedIn, will help you leverage LinkedIn in a new way. 

3. Leaving a Comment

When it comes to leaving a comment on a post, you want to be authentic and straight to the point, take time, and think about our words before we just come right out and say, “love this.” When you leave a comment on someone’s post, you don’t necessarily need to make a sale but see how we can help one another. The opportunities are endless when you reach out to people and connect in the long run! 

4. Finding common grounds

You always have to find common grounds anytime you’re dealing with marketing. What does that mean? You want to find something that connects with your audience. It would help if you connected with people who have similar stories in my field, ideal clients, or have many people in common. Having that idea and being in that mindset is so mind-breaking. Finding those common grounds and continuing the conversations and connections will continue to grow your network.

5. Do You Have a Sale Cycle

What do I mean by sales cycle? I suggest always having a sort of document that’s updated and cycled through to keep all of our ideal audiences going at all times. We put together an Excel of whom we’ve kept in touch with and whom we need to reconnect with. Now, if you have a business, first and foremost, I always recommend having business pages across all platforms.

Even if you have those business pages, it won’t work if you don’t show up and be present. It’s super easy to show up by showing your website. It shows the professionalism and authenticity behind it, and more importantly, when you start to post, and you post regularly, people will keep seeing that. Posting to your business page and personal page also gets your business out there for more people to see. People will know who you are and what your business is if you show up and connect. That’s the main point. 

6. Are you Posting Regularly?

We always talk about posting regularly on every platform.  So what is regularly?? Two times a week?? Five times a week?? EVERYDAY?? The main thing to consider here is posting strategically. This entails providing content for your audience that is educational and engaging. 

Other things to consider: Is it on brand? You want to steer away from posts that don’t coincide with your brand. And most importantly, will the post create the result of conversion. These are all things that we need to consider when we post. The posting rate is irrelevant as long as we are creating material that will attain our desired result. A conversion!

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to network and scales your business in many ways. Set it up if you need help setting up automation for your social media, or you need help coming up with campaign creations and content; all those things are what Vision2Images specializes in. Starting that conversation and talking about what it means and how to execute it and get to where you need to be. Because of the best bid, the best thing is to post regularly and be on-brand. If you need help strategizing a plan to network and connect, click the contact button down below. 

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